I would say that my gameboy emulator is the most complex software project I’ve ever undertaken. It consumed my entire winter break last year and has yet to reach a state where I can release it to the market. It works fairly well on higher end devices (Galaxy Nexus or above) but suffers from performance issues on low end devices that are perfectly capable of running other emulators. I’ve combed through the code many many times optimizing routines and eliminating bloat. I really don’t think there is much room for improvement with the current codebase, at least not to the extent that is needed. At this point a complete overhaul of the engine is going to be required.
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Student Unmanned Aerial Systems

I was hoping that going back to school would free up some time to continue working on projects and add to the site, however that has not been the case. Things have gotten actually gotten more hectic. I’ve got my normal school workload with senior design thrown on top. Speaking of which, my senior design project is creating an entry to AUVSI’s Student Unmanned Ariel Systems competition (SUAS). I am a part of the communications team which is working to create multiple communication channels between the base station and aircraft so that it is capable of flying autonomously and reporting back image data. The details of this project will be updated on a sub-domain linked below.

Drexel SUAS Blog

Since I haven’t had time to fully invest into new projects I’m going to start posting some details about a previous project of mine; a Gameboy emulator. This is an software emulator of the Gameboy system written in java for the android platform. This was the precursor to the FPGA NES that I hope to start working on again sometime soon. For now though, the Gameboy emulator (which I’m tentatively calling GameDroid) is in a fairly stable, fully working state. It has been able to play most games I’ve thrown at it with full controls, save functionality, and sound. There are some performance and timing issues that need to be fixed and I’m intending to rewrite most of the engine to work those out.