How to destroy an Arduino Nano

Step 1: Apply 12V to the 5V input.

Step 2: Your Arduino Nano is now destroyed.

I forgot to disconnect a jumper on my breadboard before popping in my handy breadboard regulator.  Fortunately I didn’t have any other parts on the breadboard.   It looks as though the USB controller survived so I may be able to just replace the Atmega328 and get it going again.

So, if you’re thinking about connecting 12V to your Arduino’s 5V input, don’t do that.

Bright Light Controller Schematic

I have recently stumbled upon a service called BatchPCB which offers cheap single run PCB prototyping.  I’ve decided to give them a try since it seems safe for someone whose never designed a board from scratch.  After some digging it seems like going to their supplier, Gold Pheonix, would work out cheaper if you’re looking at a design that’s larger than 35 inch^2.  This requires a minimum order  though, so for now I’m going to give BatchPCB a shot.  I’m going to convert one of my old wire-wrap designs, a light controller, to test out this service and practice PCB design.


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Orcad Capture: Use a Custom Symbol

I ran into some difficulty when trying to use my custom Mosfet symbol in a Orcad Capture Schematic.  Everything went well up until I attempted to run a simulation where I ran into a Subcircuit undefined error.  Unfortunately there isn’t much about this whole process that’s been intuitive.  Here’s a simple patch to get the model to work.

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Ubuntu Server: Symbolically Copy an Entire Directory

In an effort to improve file organization, without actually altering the original file names, i’ve found the ‘lndir’ tool to be pretty handy.  It’s actually pretty simple.  Just navigate to the directory you want your copy to end up and run the command on the directory you want to copy.

[cc]lndir “/dir/to/copy/”[/cc]

After running the command feel free to move, delete, and rename to your hearts content.  Your original files will remain untouched, and the symbolic links will remember where they point.

Orcad Copy Schematic Symbol

There are a ton of pre-drawn components in the PSpice library. I’d rather use one of these as a starting point for my design instead of having to create my own from scratch. This post details how to copy an existing symbol and attach an external Pspice Model.

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