PSoC 5LP Composite Video Decoder

As I mentioned previously I’ve been doing some work with the PSoC Family of microcontrollers from Cypress.  One of my more recent projects has been a Composite video decoder prototype.  All processing for this project is done inside of the PSoC with the only external component being a terminating resistor.  Really all of the processing is being done in the UDB/Peripheral portion of the PSoC with DMA being used to handle data transfer from the video source to the LCD.

I haven’t verified the timing but I believe I’m displaying the video at 320×240 @ ~60FPS.    It’s a single bit black or white signal at the moment.  I may be able to get that up to a four level grayscale image.  There are some clock timing issues which are causing problems with getting the video signal synchronized with 0,0 on the LCD.  Now that I’ve got a proof of concept working I’ll likely start the next revision from scratch to try and avoid those issues.  Once that’s done I should be able to share the source along with some more technical posts.

A quick demonstration video is provided below:


Arduino Garage Door Opener – Prototype

I’m done with school now, degree and all, and still have a couple of weeks before I’m officially on the job.  In the meantime I’ve been fooling around with some home automation hardware, specifically the veralite from micasaverde.  While I haven’t spent too much time with the veralite yet my first impression is that it is still a little undercooked.  Developer documentation is rough to non-existant, serial support is sketchy, and the Android app seems hit or miss.  That said, I do like the box and there seems to be a ton of progress being made on the backend.  In an effort to learn the Lua language used for plugin development, and to keep myself busy, I’ve taken on another hardware and software project. Pictured below is the first prototype of this project.



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Bright Light Controller: Logic Level Bring Up

I’ve finally gotten around to assembling my first prototype.  I’ve had the board and components in my hands for a couple weeks, but have been kept pretty busy with schoolwork and senior design.  This post documents the process I took bringing up the board.

BLC Completed Logic Section


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