PSoC 5LP Composite Video Decoder

As I mentioned previously I’ve been doing some work with the PSoC Family of microcontrollers from Cypress.  One of my more recent projects has been a Composite video decoder prototype.  All processing for this project is done inside of the PSoC with the only external component being a terminating resistor.  Really all of the processing is being done in the UDB/Peripheral portion of the PSoC with DMA being used to handle data transfer from the video source to the LCD.

I haven’t verified the timing but I believe I’m displaying the video at 320×240 @ ~60FPS.    It’s a single bit black or white signal at the moment.  I may be able to get that up to a four level grayscale image.  There are some clock timing issues which are causing problems with getting the video signal synchronized with 0,0 on the LCD.  Now that I’ve got a proof of concept working I’ll likely start the next revision from scratch to try and avoid those issues.  Once that’s done I should be able to share the source along with some more technical posts.

A quick demonstration video is provided below:


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