Bright Light Controller Board Layout

I’ve completed the layout of my previously designed schematic.  I’ve over-sized the board by a good bit so I can get a feel for the component sizes and the ease of soldering them to the board.  Below is a 3D Rendering of what the completed board should look like.

Bright Light Rev 0 3D View


I have sent the Gerber Files out to BatchPCB for manufacture and should receive the board in about three weeks.  This is my first PCB design, so I didn’t try anything too fancy. I did, however, add an image to the corner using a pretty nifty script designed for Orcad PCB Editor, I’ll probably go through the installation of that in another post.  All of the component footprints were manually created, so hopefully nothing major went wrong there.  I skipped putting down a ground plane mainly because I failed to add thermal relief layers to my footprints, and didn’t feel like going back and fixing them all.  I figured it won’t be a major problem since I’m only going to manufacture one of these boards before I make those corrections in the next revision.


Gerber View

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