Orcad Capture: Use a Custom Symbol

I ran into some difficulty when trying to use my custom Mosfet symbol in a Orcad Capture Schematic.  Everything went well up until I attempted to run a simulation where I ran into a Subcircuit undefined error.  Unfortunately there isn’t much about this whole process that’s been intuitive.  Here’s a simple patch to get the model to work.

This problem is a result of PSpice not being able to find the model file.  I’m sure there’s a permanent method, but for now adding the library file to the project resources will work. First right click on “PSpice Resources” and select “Add File.”

Change the filetype to “All files” and select the .lib file previously associated with the symbol.

Choose “Schematic Library” in the “Select File Type” dialog.

Drag and drop the library file into the “Model Libraries” sub folder.

Run the simulation again and the mosfet performs as expected.

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