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Aug 08

FPGA NES: VGA (Part 2)

Previously a basic VGA controller was designed that had the capability to display a solid color across an entire computer monitor. This post builds on that design in an attempt to verify that the controller is able to correctly display more advanced patterns. In this example the code for the clock sub-circuit remained unchanged. However …

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Aug 05

FPGA NES: VGA (Part 1)

VGA Animation

Any good video game requires one very fundamental feature: video. The nanoboard includes a VGA port and seeing as I don’t know anything about the VGA protocol it seems like the perfect place to start.  The nanoboard also has a built in touch-screen, however I feel like that would be easier to implement and will …

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Jul 18

Altium NanoBoard 3000

The Nanoboard 3000 is a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) development board that is packed full of peripherals and features.  The hardware layout is really top notch and includes USB, VGA, audio amplifiers, MIDI ports, speakers, a TFT touch screen, an IR remote, and much much more.  A one year license to Altium Designer is …

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