Orcad 16.5 Custom Footprint

Continuing from the padstack design for the FDN340P this post focuses on the footprint layout.  One word of caution, I’m just learning how to create these footprints so it’s likely that there are problems with the footprint.  I’m not sure if the silkscreen overlap will be a problem, however I plan on figuring that out sometime down the road.

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Grow a GPT / XFS Partition

After expanding a raid the partition and file system will need to be grown to utilize this extra space.  The instructions here are tailored for a GPT partition with an XFS filesystem.  Continue reading for a complete log of the process.

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Arduino Power Supply Selector

I’ve been looking through the Arduino schematics in search of a circuit to perform automatic power supply selection in the case that there are two available supplies. I had convinced myself that there was a design flaw in the Arduino Uno selector, however upon further inspection it seems it should work just fine.

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I would say that my gameboy emulator is the most complex software project I’ve ever undertaken. It consumed my entire winter break last year and has yet to reach a state where I can release it to the market. It works fairly well on higher end devices (Galaxy Nexus or above) but suffers from performance issues on low end devices that are perfectly capable of running other emulators. I’ve combed through the code many many times optimizing routines and eliminating bloat. I really don’t think there is much room for improvement with the current codebase, at least not to the extent that is needed. At this point a complete overhaul of the engine is going to be required.
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