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Jan 12

Orcad Capture: Use a Custom Symbol

Final Circuit

I ran into some difficulty when trying to use my custom Mosfet symbol in a Orcad Capture Schematic.  Everything went well up until I attempted to run a simulation where I ran into a Subcircuit undefined error.  Unfortunately there isn’t much about this whole process that’s been intuitive.  Here’s a simple patch to get the model to …

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Jan 12

Orcad Copy Schematic Symbol

Completed Symbol

There are a ton of pre-drawn components in the PSpice library. I’d rather use one of these as a starting point for my design instead of having to create my own from scratch. This post details how to copy an existing symbol and attach an external Pspice Model.

Jan 11

Orcad 16.5 Custom Footprint

Finished Pad

Continuing from the padstack design for the FDN340P this post focuses on the footprint layout.  One word of caution, I’m just learning how to create these footprints so it’s likely that there are problems with the footprint.  I’m not sure if the silkscreen overlap will be a problem, however I plan on figuring that out …

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Jan 09

Orcad 16.5 Padstack Design

1 - Run GDisk

  This post will cover the design of an Orcad padstack for the FDN340P Mosfet.  Links to the datasheet and footprint are provided below.