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Jul 05

Arduino Garage Door Opener – Prototype

I’m done with school now, degree and all, and still have a couple of weeks before I’m officially on the job.  In the meantime I’ve been fooling around with some home automation hardware, specifically the veralite from micasaverde.  While I haven’t spent too much time with the veralite yet my first impression is that it …

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Mar 22

MSGEQ7 Arduino Library

The digital section of my Bright Light Controller is fully functional and I’ve gone ahead and made a library to help interface with the MSGEQ7 IC.  As of Version 0.1 the library will probably only function on a 16MHz or slower Arduino.  This shouldn’t be too difficult to modify, but I haven’t gotten around to …

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Feb 14

How to Repair an Aruino Nano

  Step 1: Purchase a new Atmega. This is the version of the chip from digikey  Atmega328P Step 2: Carefully desolder the old processor.  I found that is very easy to lift the pads in this process.  If I were to try it again I’d probably try using a heat-gun. Step 3: Solder the new proccessor …

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Jan 29

How to destroy an Arduino Nano

Step 1: Apply 12V to the 5V input. Step 2: Your Arduino Nano is now destroyed. I forgot to disconnect a jumper on my breadboard before popping in my handy breadboard regulator.  Fortunately I didn’t have any other parts on the breadboard.   It looks as though the USB controller survived so I may be …

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Jan 26

Bright Light Controller Schematic

I have recently stumbled upon a service called BatchPCB which offers cheap single run PCB prototyping.  I’ve decided to give them a try since it seems safe for someone whose never designed a board from scratch.  After some digging it seems like going to their supplier, Gold Pheonix, would work out cheaper if you’re looking …

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